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Vienna-based Johanna Schroeder is a life long artist radiating creativity and a driven passion for expression and communication. 

Her works offer authentic and unique expressions, aesthetics and imagination exposing a bright, curious and sensitive soul. What intuitively bridges her creative output is a very tangible personal essence and style. 

While Johanna spent years studying in some of the finest art institutions in Costa Rica, it is her intuitive autodidactic nature that has allowed for her art, her personal style and touch, to mature in such an intimate manner.

Her work offers perspective on a variety of personal themes, events, curiosities and dreams in a way that is expressive and highly aesthetic as well as emotionally stirring. Beneath the emotional her art offers a depth of unique sophistication while remaining relatable to broad and diverse audiences.

Johanna derives inspiration from life and possesses a need and a gift to express and share her experience and feelings unveiling her own personal meaning and insight. Her life journey and philosophies are reflected in her art and have driven her to find her own personal sense of aesthetics.

Feeling and emotion is of greater importance than concept or the intellect and this is what gives her artwork such an unfiltered, genuinely moving, powerful quality. Her art rises from a very honest spontaneous impulse galvanized by authenticity.

As a Costa Rican with German heritage Johanna's art reflects a deep, thoughtful multitude of inspirations, views and personality incidentally bridging both European and Latin American artistic approaches, aesthetics, expression and compositional elements.

To learn more, get in touch with Johanna Schroeder.

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Born in Costa Rica, Johanna Schroeder began her artistic journey as a child and has used every opportunity and challenge to grow, develop and mature as a person and artist. Primarily self-taught, Johanna exhibits her own unique and un-tampered personal approach to - and philosophy of - art. She finds inspiration wherever she looks and in whichever situation.

It was the impulse to abandon formal studies in order to experience and discover life that today lends her so many rich potent experiences, unique viewpoints and an unfiltered personal touch to express, share and draw inspiration from.

Johanna has lived extensively in Costa Rica, Bolivia, Argentina and Austria while dedicating time to explore her German heritage. Her experience as a mother and raising children alone in two continents give her an added personal perspective on struggle, resolve and conviction. All of her experiences have given her a unique and deep trans-continental perception, flavour and awareness. All life challenges have combined only to refine and enrich Johanna’s aesthetic and expressive disciplines.

To find out more about Johanna's art or philosophy, please feel free to get in touch.

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Her works visibly offers honesty and clarity, an acceptance and love for what has already existed combined with imagination and a drive for innovation. Whether finding an object and lending her personal touch to gift it new life, finding a quality where most fail to see it or whether simply expressing her own deepest feelings - 

- Creativity, Imagination and Expression are hallmarks of Johanna's work.

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A full array of creativity

Through her life Johanna has journeyed through many experiences in different areas of art, from painting to logo design to architecture and urban design.

As a unique creative imaginative artist Johanna is completely at home with a wide variety of disciplines. This gives her a unique perspective and ability to create, offer insight and assist or manage a wide variety of artistic ventures:





Up-cycling installations

Creating Paper



Interior Design

Urban Design

Marketing Design

Set Design

Costume Design



Colour branding

Artistic marketing concepts

Creativity consultant / Coaching

Managing creative projects

If you need a work, consultation or assistance in any of the above fields you have found the right person so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Schrottgasse 1, 1030

+43677 627 68648

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